Myoga has a very relaxed, club atmosphere, where diners are encouraged to feel at home. Mike worked with interior decorator Les Harbottle to create a space where diners have choices the smoking room, the bar lounge, the terraces and the cellar are all places with different moods where diners can find what they are looking for. High-backed sofa booths in the main dining area allow a sense of fun and privacy in what could have been a formal space. Given Mike’s belief that the dining experience is supposed to be relaxed, the kitchen is open-plan and the chefs in the kitchen wear butcher’s aprons in a refreshing display of lack of pretentiousness.

Throughout the interiors there are subtle hints of Ginja and Shoga in the colours (greys, browns and orange) and the high ceilings. A pattern inspired by the ginger blossom flower is woven into the carpet and black chandeliers hang over the high-backed orange sofa booths.

With a nod to the fusion food, the bathrooms are designed to incorporate Eastern features, with elements from China and India. The toilets are designed to look completely foreign, like something in downtown Tokyo. The live TV feed from the kitchen (showing the chefs at work in the kitchen) to the bathrooms is a purely fun element.